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The SAF21 project will focus on EU fisheries, a complex system, to develop effective fisheries management strategies. The research and development will be undertaken by a group of social scientists of the future, managed by the SAF21 consortium, a mix of academic and commercial organisations.


The purpose of OPENING DOORS is to co-develop an interdisciplinary, intersectoral, & international educational offering for post-graduate researchers. Our goal is to shape more innovative, socially aware, integrative and employable research graduates, ready to meet the challenges of the future. This will be accomplished through a challenge-based, open online educational course on open science. The focus of the course is on cultivating valued skills that can contribute meaningfully to the quadruple-helix model of open innovation. This model recognises four major actors in the innovation system: the scientific enterprise, policy, industry, and society.


InnEO’Space_PhD project aims at preparing post-graduate candidates and early-stage researchers for a successful career through modernised and transferable PhD courses based on innovation skills and employers’ needs. To achieve this, the project will enhance and develop researchers’ innovation-oriented mindsets and skills through Earth Observation, which offers a multidisciplinary approach and numerous applications in various sectors (environment, climate change, crisis management…).


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