CHAMELEONS News and Milestones

CHAMELEONS Partners have been working away to reach a number of milestones:

Work Package 1

  • Needs Analysis Research Complete.

  • Surveys Complete.

  • Interview: Research Interviews have been carried out with both doctoral students and employers.

  • Gap Analysis Complete.

  • List of Intersectoral Courses across the consortium has been developed. This list will be drawn from the CHAMELEONS Modules.

Work Package 2

  • Two Module design Workshops have been already successfully completed, held online due to COVID-19.

  • From those workshops a State of the Art Tool Kit was created.

Work Package 3

  • Recruitment Process is Complete: 15 doctoral students from a range of areas including business, health, and sports science have been selected from a possible 24.


CHAMELEONS Module was a great success! CHAMELEONS Module 1 took place on the 22nd, 23rd, 26th, 27th, and 28th of April 2021 online for 5 days across 4 time zones. Everyone worked so hard to plan and execute CHAMELEONS' very first module.

  • 15 doctoral students took part in this online module which included some of the courses on the course list below.

  • A number of Guest speakers across a range of disciplines including healthcare and industries graciously agreed to speak and answer any questions about their careers.

  • A number of courses from the list, developed in Work Package1 were run throughout the week of Module 1.

List of Courses Offered by CHAMELEONS

Stand-alone Elective Courses offered as stand-alone modules during the academic year 2020-2021. Course info at:

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