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Starting your Career - Barcelona

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

By Anne Marie Tennyson Barry

CHAMELEONS Project Manager

University College Dublin

CHAMELEONS - Module 3: Starting your Career: Future Proofing your Career and Getting a Job. Barcelona Health Hub, Barcelona.

After a couple of years of waiting, The whole CHAMELEONS family finally got to meet in late February 2022, in person, in the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona. I don’t think I was ever happier to walk to work every morning in that amazing city. We were super lucky to have the amazingly picturesque and historical Recinta Modernista in the Barcelona Health Hub as our venue.

The purpose of the meeting was to help the students with starting their careers, futureproofing their careers, and getting a job. The students were asked to prepare work before the meeting.

The days consisted of a mixture of in-person and Zom presentations/lectures: Developing Networking and Communication Skills, Marketing your research capacity and skills, Building an Understanding of yourself and others, CV writing, preparing for interviews, empathy, PhD IPR, and Mock Interviews. The students were asked to choose an actual job advertisement and prepare to be interviewed for that job. I’m glad to say that the interview practice and feedback went down a treat with and for everyone. Some students even managed to get the jobs they interviewed for.

The students were also asked to come up with a board game idea in teams, the Title of the exercise being My PhD Pathway. They worked together with limited materials to produce their board game and present it to the consortium. Their fellow students then played their games and gave constructive criticism on them.

Along with Lectures from members of the consortium and a warm welcome from the CEO of Barcelona Health Hub Luis Badrinas, a number of guest speakers visited us with their expertise in Barcelona including:

  • Dr. Denise McGrath

  • Dr. Maria Quinlan

  • Tiago Gama Rocha PhD

  • Manolis Chatzigiannis

  • Mrs Aikaterini Papakota, Psychologist – Career Counselor (Msc – Pgdip)

  • Catarina Seabra PhD

Finally, despite all of the hard work that was done over the week, there was a whole lot of fun and laughs had by all. From the Academia v Industry Debate to eating lovely local Spanish food, outside in February! To strolling around Barcelona visiting all the beautiful sites, museums, & exhibitions, and meeting everyone in person, I think it’s safe to say that Module 3 was a roaring success.

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